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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 11, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a deadly stabbing spree at a busy mall. >> there's still a victim, female. macy's second level in a changing room. >> terrifying moments as a 28-year-old man storms the shopping center attacking at random. >> as he was coming he was slashing people and people were throwing chairs at him and stuff. >> the off-duty officer who leapt into action stopping the killer in his tracks. >> hillary clinton suffers another defeat as bernie sanders takes home a big win. >> and tonight it appears that we won a big, big victory in west virginia. >> as vice president joe biden opens up in an abc news exclusive about donald trump and his own decision to not run. >> i think i would have been the best president. >> and his mission to take on
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cancer in his son's honor. >> mom on the run. accused of leading officers on a wild chase with her child in the car driving backwards down neighborhood streets barreling over barriers. an all-out search this morning for this woman. >> oh, what a shot from curry. >> the best player ever? three-point legend steph curry becoming the first unanimous mvp. his heartfelt speech to his family and why all eyes are on his daughter riley once again. and good morning, america. exactly, steph curry could be the best player ever. he's not even the star of the show. >> no. riley is. but unanimous mvp. it was riley, the 3-year-old, had everyone laughing. sharing her own message with the press. i see you. i see you. >> she's watching you. >> big personality but it's what
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steph said about his wife that has so many people talking this morning. >> ayesha, adorable couple. >> best husband ever. >> after what he said, you're right about that. we'll have that later. right to breaking news. a 28-year-old suspect going on a stabbing spree at a home then a busy shopping mall overnight killing at least two people. abc's gio benitez is in taunton, massachusetts, with the latest, good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is the mall where the rampage ended that has shaken this community to its core. >> people hollering there's a killer. >> reporter: overnight a wild stabbing spree in this massachusetts mall left shoppers fleeing for their lives. >> they're going to need another ambulance there. it's two victims. >> reporter: the alleged suspect arthur derosa drove his car into the front of this macy's at the taunton city galleria. before storming into the
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bertucci's restaurant. >> he came from the back of the restaurant and he was walking towards front and as he was coming he was slashing people and people were throwing chairs at him and stuff. >> you weren't able to speak with him right? >> i was only allowed to say what's going on and him to tell me there was a stabbing. >> so he told you there was a stabbing. >> yes, and he was the suspect, correct. i was petry identified. >> he stabbed two. one of the victims died from his injuries. the killing spree began after 7:00 p.m. derosa was in a car accident. witnesses say after the crash the 28-year-old began running around the neighborhood erratically trying to break into homes. >> it was kind of chaos. definitely not in the right frame of mind. >> forced his way inside this house killing an 80-year-old mother and severely wounding her daughter. the suspect stole the women's car and continued on to the maul.
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>> there's still a victim, female, macy's second level in a changing room. that is a stab victim to the head. >> reporter: the carnage coming to an end thanks to a quick-thinking off-duty officer who shot and killed derosa. >> it appears that but for the actions of the deputy sheriff, there may very well have been other victims. >> reporter: law enforcement still searching for motive but saying at this point, we are aware of no nexus to terrorism. and derosa's sister telling "the boston herald" her brother was manic and depressed. in fact, he was hospitalized for depression the day before the stabbings and he was sent home. george. >> oh, what a tragedy that is. okay, gio, thanks very much. we move on to that severe weather blasting the south. tornadoes in kentucky overnight. leveling homes, injuring at least ten people. just the latest in a series of storms across the center of the country, more than 22 million in their path, abc's alex perez is on the scene in mayfield, kentucky. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning,
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george. they're waking up to scenes like this one. take a look behind me. there is actually a home buried underneath all this rubble. that's steel wrapped around this tree and over here looks like a child's room toys scattered all over the place. those angry winds picking up everything in their path. >> holy mackerel, there it goes. >> reporter: twisters tearing through and into kentucky. debris flying through the air. >> the intensity, it was just unreal and i thought it came pretty fast. >> reporter: here in the town of mayfield ten people taken to the hospital after the tornado went ripping through this neighborhood. >> i walked out and i seen everything and i just i think i kind of went into shock. >> reporter: homes reduced to nothing but rubble. many losing everything. this morning residents are trying to salvage what they can. as an extraordinary amount of hail and rain came in after that tornado.
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in oklahoma -- >> this is a violent multiple vortex. >> reporter: -- new video of it hovering over a field. overnight in texas, three inches of rain falling, drivers are forced to navigate treacherous conditions in near zero visibility. and the good news here, officials say none of the injuries here appear to be life-threatening. but now the difficult process of picking up the pieces. robin. >> yes, indeed, thank you, alex. we turn to rob with more on the tornado outbreaks and where the severe weather is headed next. >> last four days we've had nearly 60 reports of tornadoes across eight states. looks like today will be a day, it drops in from the north and humidity from the south, enough spin to spawn some tornadoes north of dallas, oklahoma city, getting into kansas city and st. louis, as well, so a number of big cities in the path here and a bit of a break tomorrow
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but should mention this morning we're seeing heavy rain and flash flooding across central tennessee and nashville. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. >> okay, rob, thanks very much. the race for the white house and big win for bernie sanders in west virginia. he is far behind hillary clinton in the nomination fight but after his win last night he says the race is far from over. >> and tonight it appears that we've won a big, big victory in west virginia. [ cheers and applause ] if we do well in the coming gon in new jersey, in kentucky and the other states, we still have that road to victory in winning the majority of pledge delegates. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and abc's cecilia vega in covington, kentucky, with the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. you heard it there. big celebrations from bernie sanders. this is his second big win this month but let's take a look at the math. the nomination is still really far away.
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he won a handful of pledge delegates than hillary. with that west virginia. she still leads by more than 700 delegates at this point. in order for sanders to clinch the nomination he would need to win 98% of the remaining delegates going forward, george. this is an uphill climb to say the least, as much as hillary clinton would like to put this primary fight behind her still a long ways away. >> and that is the question right there. bernie sanders cannot catch up. can't get 98% of the delegates and the clinton team is explaining away this loss in west virginia but it is bogging her campaign down. >> reporter: well, yeah, you know, they say they did not advertise in west virginia. they say the demographics favor him there but the reality is she's got a real problem going forward. she's had a hard time winning over white working class voters, george and that as you know is a group that donald trump has done especially well with. >> that is correct. okay, cecilia, thanks very much. >> george now to the republicans, donald trump saying he's vetting a list of possible running mates as he picks up big wins in nebraska and west virginia overnight.
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abc's tom llamas is here with the latest on that. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. donald trump celebrating those wins in nebraska and west virginia, thanking voters for picking him in essentially a one-man race and extending an olive branch to paul ryan and saying he wants to announce his running mate at the convention. this morning, donald trump narrowing down his pool of potential running mates and one of his closest allies, chris christie in charge of his transition team could still be on the list. >> i like chris a lot. i'm not going to say ruling in or out. i would say that i have in mind five different people. i think they're excellent. >> reporter: trump also ready to revisit his relationship with house speaker paul ryan who said he's not ready to support the presumptive nominee. both men set to meet tomorrow and already changing their tones. >> he's a very good man. he wants what's good for the party and i think we'll have very positive results. >> reporter: ryan echoing unity could be on the horizon. >> we can't fake that we're
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unified. we have to truly become unified and to do that we have to have a good conversation with one another about the principles and the policies that come from conservatism. >> reporter: but some of trump's former rivals are far from that point. >> how does it feel to be back in the senate? >> well, glad to be back here. >> reporter: senator ted cruz back at work but dodging questions on whether he's backing trump. >> what i am interested in supporting are free market principles and the constitutional liberties of america. >> reporter: senator marco rubio saying trump should change his temperament. >> i think it would make it easier for him to get elected if he did but ultimately my sense is he is going to continue to be who he is and that's who the republican voters nominated. >> reporter: now, if rubio and cruz don't change their minds about trump it's very unlikely they'll have speaking roles at the convention. trump now saying he would like ryan to stay on as chairman of that convention.
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the big meeting tomorrow, guys, it looks like they're going in with peaceful attitudes. >> ryan says he's not sure there will be any decision coming out of that meeting tomorrow. robin, you had a special guest in times square on politics. >> vice president joe biden stopped by and his mission to fight cancer inspired by his beloved son and of course the conversation turned to politics. very open discussing donald trump, hillary clinton and whether or not he himself should have run for president. you bring up the next president, we're all anxious to see -- >> who she is. no, i'm just kidding, robin. >> i know. but there's a new poll out showing in three key battle states that hillary clinton and donald trump are neck and neck. do you think that he's been underestimated? >> oh, yeah, i think he has been underestimated from the beginning but i also think that it's really very, very early but i think what's going to happen here is that the constant attack
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coming from republican side, the sort of vitriol, i don't think it's going to wear well over the next several months. so i feel confident that hillary will be the nominee and i feel confident she'll be the next president. >> no regrets? i know before you said you didn't run -- that you knew it was the right decision for your family. >> look, i -- i planned on running. it's an awful thing to say. i think i would have been the best president but it was the right thing, not just for my family, for me. no one should ever seek the presidency unless they're able to devote their whole heart and soul and passion and to just do that and beau was my soul. i just wasn't ready to be able to do that. my one regret is my beau is not here. i don't have any other regrets. >> but this is in a way carrying
7:13 am
on -- >> it is. >> your son. >> i remember talking with you that day in january right after the president had put you in control of mission control. >> let's make america the country that cures cancer once and for all. what do you say, joe? let's make it happen. >> how's it been for you this year? well, you know, it's kind of bittersweet but this is -- this allows me to pour all my energies into doing something that hopefully will five years from now if someone is diagnosed with what my beau was diagnosed with, they live. and there's so much promise out there. >> and there's so much more to the interview with vice president biden in our next hour and he just really opens up about how his son inspires him in everything he does and his latest on his mission to help millions fight cancer. >> he's really seized by this mission. >> he truly is and we'll have that in our next hour. to amy with the other top stories. >> really looking forward to that, robin. thank you. in the news topping this newscast, isis claiming responsibility for a bombing at
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a crowded market in baghdad. at least 63 people have been killed. that number is expected to rise. the attack adds to growing concern about the political turmoil destabilizing the country and undermining that fight against isis. the justice department says it will not seek the death penalty against the man accused of leading the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. ahmed abu khattala has pleaded not guilty. no explanation provided for the prosecutor's decision. the citadel military college in south carolina could be now facing a legal battle. it's denied an incoming student's request to wear a traditional muslim head scarf. the school says uniformity is the cornerstone of its training. the girl's family is now considering a lawsuit. well, some shocking video from a museum in philadelphia. a worker survived. look at this, falling through the glass floor of the attic in the rodin museum in 2012. he fell 38 feet. was seriously injured. he's now reached a $7 million settlement with the museum.
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and finally, a picture of russian president vladimir putin in a rather compromising position. he took a tumble, yeah, on the ice during a hockey game in sochi last night, perhaps not shockingly no video has surfaced. just this picture. putin's team went on to win 9-5. i have to say i'm just happy he had his shirt on. >> yeah. >> he's doing masculine things, he's shirtless. >> not shocked he won but we're not seeing the guy that knocked him down. >> no, we're not. >> ever. >> or released that photo. >> okay. >> we'll move on now to that wild police chase caught on camera in ohio. a young mother speeding with her child in the car and police in pursuit until they called off the chase fearing for the safety of others. police are still searching for the mom this morning and abc's kendis gibson has the story. >> reporter: a terrifying police chase caught on camera in springdale, ohio. the driver is erica barreiro-rapp, the most shocking part she is a young mom accused of putting her toddler's life at risk the child riding in the
7:16 am
minivan and authorities still on the hunt for the woman they say is behind the wheel driving with a suspended license. police dash cam video capturing the minivan speeding the wrong way against traffic then aggressively barreling over a concrete barrier on the highway. just watch as the minivan drives backwards on suburban streets, maneuvers around patrol cars and goes right through lawn after lawn in a neighborhood and the wild chase that spanned a mile and a half began with barreiro-rapp appearing in court for minor charges. after discovering she had additional felony warrants in kentucky for alleged concealed weapons violations and drug use, authorities say they confronted her in the courthouse parking lot. the woman then locking herself in that minivan refusing to let her child out before taking off. police eventually stopping their pursuit. >> it was getting more dangerous. we terminated the pursuit for this child's safety and for the general public safety. >> and get this, authorities spotted her minivan at a nearby hotel, a guest at that hotel said she jumped out of the
7:17 am
window with her kid in order to get away from police. she's still on the run, robin, george. >> i hope the kid is okay. happier story, lara, steph curry. >> it's momentous, shall we say. all right, now to the amazing honor for nba superstar steph curry. the golden state warriors point guard unanimously voted to the nba's most valuable player. winning the award for the second year in a row but it's what he said about his wife overnight that has everyone talking. >> it's definitely special to watch you do what you do every single day, you know, the strength that you have, the patience that you have. whether i have a good game or not you're the same person every single day and that means a lot to me to be able to come home and just share life with you so thank you very much for who you are. >> i mean -- >> ah. >> he's the best. and we can't get enough of this video. their daughter riley who can't seem -- she can't help it.
7:18 am
she steals the show. here she is letting the press know, oh, yeah, buddy, i got my eyes on you. >> look at her. oh, yeah. >> she means business. >> i love that kid. >> cameras follow her everywhere she goes. >> yeah, daddy smaddy. all about riley. >> such an adorable family. >> really kind. go over to rob and get new pictures flooding near nashville. >> north of nashville. the rainfall here estimate, 3 to 6 inches and this is what we're seeing north of nashville, four counties in our flash flood warning. water rescues ongoing. a number of roads are underwater and this rain will probably continue as the jet stream energy will feed this severe weather threat. we talked about that and a couple more rounds of rainfall including st. louis and maybe two to three inches of rainfall there. windy cities brought to you by amazon prime.
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>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. marine laser 2,000' deep but it goes away quicker today so more warmth, and, the warming trend peeks tomorrow and 5-then degrees cooler bit weekend. mid-to-upper 70s around the bay and 80s inland. now tonight, it will cool fightly at low-to-mid 50s. my seven-day forecast is 90s are possible inland >> windy city, yes, but today it is the foggiest city. shots across chicago. dense fog advisory out so if you're traveling through midway or o'hare might be a slow go.
7:20 am
coming up, new clues to what may have caused prince's death. an appointment with a doctor the day before he died. big alert. the new way teens are being blackmailed with stolen images and a beauty queen opens up about how her computer was hacked. so hurry in now for great deals like pint annuals, 5 for $5. plus save 5% every day when you use your lowe's consumer credit card. don't miss out on spring's best savings at lowe's!
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an uber. let's get the morning commute in the abc traffic center. good morning everyone. south bound 280 and things are slowing down. things are are sluggish and south bound is crowded here as you make the way towards highway 24 and heads up. south 101 and then there's an accident. traffic picks up gain when you make you way into san francisco and the
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. hi, we're back and it's time to take a look temperatures that are running in the low to mi mid-50s. tree pollen is modern and grass
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low and index is going to be high today. if you're going to the game this afternoon, you want to have the index and the sunscreen on. 64 a 6467 to the park. how come knees came to the rescue of one in need. that's next on gma. we will have another news you update coming up in 30 minutes. join me, mike and
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you're looking at one of the twisters in kentucky overnight destroying homes and injuring at least ten people. now oklahoma in a state of emergency. the severe weather stretching from iowa to texas today. >> it just keeps going. also right now hillary clinton with another loss overnight as bernie sanders takes away a big win in west virginia. promising the race for the nomination is not over. west point announcing they will not punish the 16 cadets who raised their fists in this photo. the military academy says the gesture was to show unity and pride and did not violate regulations about making political statements in uniform. >> glad that one worked out. did pizza save the day? when doesn't it? how workers at a domino's stepped in to save a loyal customer's life. those heroes are joining us this morning.
7:31 am
there they are. >> big smiles right there. that is coming up. but first new clues about prince's mysterious death. a search warrant has revealed that a minnesota doctor recently prescribed drugs to prince and saw him the day before he died. abc's eva pilgrim is in chanhassen with more. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, george. the name of that doctor accidentally released. it was included in a search warrant that investigators intended to be sealed. those court documents now providing new details this morning as to what was happening in the days leading up to prince's death. a long line of unmarked cars at paisley park, local investigators now joined by federal agents for a search of prince's home overnight as we are learning this morning that the music legend saw a doctor the day before he died. the search warrant showing that dr. michael schulenberg saw him twice in the weeks leading up to his death. authorities taking any and all medical records for prince rogers nelson from his office.
7:32 am
the doctor telling detectives he saw the purple one on april 7th and again the day before he died on april 20th saying he prescribed medicine for the singer to be filled at a walgreens. prince seen in this tmz photo the day before he died going into a walgreens. authorities already executing a search warrant on the drugstore. prince admitting he had been sick during what would be his final show in atlanta, the week before his death. >> once again i'd like to apologize for the cancellation. i was a little under the weather. >> reporter: on his way home from that show just six days before his death, prince's plane making an emergency landing in moline, illinois. now we are learning that dr. schulenberg visited prince's home the morning he was found dead to drop off test results. friends and family say it's no secret he took pain medication for hip pain. ♪ two,000 zero zero
7:33 am
>> reporter: after decades of playing it up big for the crowd took a toll on its body. >> if you can imagine jumping off risers in those shoes and heels and what it's done to his body. it's like any athlete. >> reporter: still no official cause of death. authorities waiting on the results of that toxicology report, george. >> eva, thanks very much. let's talk to dan abrams about this right now. we know the doctor prescribes drugs to prince and saw him the day before he died. this could raise questions of liability. >> no question. we know that the federal authorities are investigating as part of this. look, this has become one of the priorities of the justice department has been dispensation of controlled drugs. it's a real national concern. but that doesn't necessarily mean that there wasn't a medical necessity here and that's going to be the legal test. was it medically necessary? was it a legitimate prescription or as has been the case in some instances around the country, were there doctors who were giving away prescriptions in a way they shouldn't have. that could be criminal.
7:34 am
>> if they find out it's malpractice. what are you talking about? >> potentially serious crimes. i went and looked back at a lot of cases where doctors have been charged. talking about up to 20 years, sometimes. if this is determined to be a crime so just shows you how serious the federal authorities treat this if it is illegal dispensation, also look for the possibility of doctor shopping. that's something where someone goes to different doctors trying to get that prescription. minnesota is really done a big job of trying to address that. >> dan, thanks very much. and, george, now to an important new warning for parents and their children about online threats after two students at virginia's george mason university were blackmailed over explicit videos. authorities warning this is a growing problem. abc's linsey davis is here with more details. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it is graduation week at george mason university, but for some, celebrations are giving way to concern about this online trend called sextortion after at least
7:35 am
two george mason students were victimized by this crime. the alert was urgent. an e-mail blast warning all george mason university students of threats of sextortion on campus. >> not one but two more cases was really disturbing. >> reporter: police at the virginia school say unknown suspects gained the trust of two students over the internet enticing them to broadcast sexual acts over their webcams. once they did, the suspects recorded those videos and later blackmailed the students threatening to post them on the internet if they didn't pay $5,000. >> i think everyone puts their lives on the internet. i feel like we should back away from that. >> reporter: it's something the department of justice says is becoming all too common calling it a significant and growing global threat especially when it comes to children. saying in a new report that many victims drop out of school, have declining grades and in some cases engage in activities to harm themselves like cutting or even attempting suicide. sextortion is something cassidy wolf, crowned miss teen usa in 2013, knows all too well.
7:36 am
>> congratulations. >> reporter: at just 18 years old she says she unknowingly clicked on a link that gave her hacker a former classmate of hers access to her computer and her webcam, secretly taking nude photos of her before threatening to make the images public. >> they watched me in my room for a year without me knowing. they had videos of me changing, getting ready for school. >> reporter: wolf's hacker was convicted and sentenced to 18 months in federal prison. now she's hoping to use her voice to help others keep themselves safe. >> i became aware of how important it is to be safe online. to protect your social media accounts and protect your e-mails because if someone were to ever get ahold of any of that they could basically control your life. >> police say if someone you know becomes a victim of sextortion report it right away and do not pay the money. the best way to protect yourself is not take these kind of pictures in the first place. >> all right, linsey, thank you.
7:37 am
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♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day. ♪ 7:41 back with meghan trainor's response to that music video that she says was altered and she's releasing the original version and said she never approved any changes. abc's mara schiavocampo is here with details. good morning, mara. >> lara, good morning. the star now releasing her second album known for self-acceptance and was embarrassed and didn't want her fans to see an unrealistic version of her body. ♪ i woke up feelin' this way >> reporter: this is how meghan trainor wants you to see her. ♪ who's that sexy thang i see
7:42 am
over there ♪ >> reporter: curves proudly on display. ♪ tha's me standin' in the mirror ♪ >> reporter: the 22-year-old posting this original version of her new music video for "me too" after pulling an earlier version with a digitally altered waist making her look thinner. >> photoshopped the crap out of me. so sick of it. and i'm over it. so i took it down until they fix it. >> reporter: she also posted these before and after pictures on instagram tuesday to show how many inches were shaved off in the edit room writing the real metoo video is finally up. missed that bass. while the "all about that bass" singer admits to howard stern she knew there would be some digital alteration -- >> i asked them, like, hey, can you hide my mustache and take off my mole hair. >> reporter: -- she said she never expected her body to be changed so drastically. >> i am the poster child for no photoshop. that is my thing. ♪ and i can't help lovin' myself ♪ >> reporter: her bold stance
7:43 am
against digital enhancements shining a spotlight on just how often computer effects are used to shave off years and ditch pounds in videos. >> right. let's do the math. >> reporter: computer effects were used in the martian to illustrate matt damon's dramatic weight loss. >> digital effects are used on celebrities. if you're not looking for it you probably wouldn't notice it. ♪ she approved but she didn't notice it until her fans pointed it out. she still loves the original version. >> and she's going to be here live on friday. >> yeah. >> very exciting. >> thank you so much mara. coming up next, the dominos delivery quick thinkers. the workers who saved the life
7:44 am
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♪ hold on ♪ i'm coming >> the reason we're playing "hold on" because help is coming. domino's delivering in a big way. some fast-thinking workers in oregon are being credited with saving a loyal customer's life. they knew something was up when he stopped placing his regular order and that's when they called 911. listen to this. >> 911, do you have an emergency? >> well, i need some help on what to do. it could be an emergency. >> okay. what's going on? >> this is domino's pizza and we have a customer that usually orders like every night from us. and he hasn't ordered in 11 days. >> hmm. >> joining us now sarah fuller and jenny seiber. thank you both. you have restored our belief in doing the right thing and
7:49 am
knowing something was up. so tell us a little bit, sarah. tell us about the man that we heard in the 911 call. he was a delivery man, one of yours and you sent him to the home and what did he find out when he got there? >> he went to kurt's house and the lights were on, the tv was going but no one was answering the door. >> and so what did he do next? >> he came back to the store and that's when we went ahead and decided to place the 911 call. >> and the police showed up and they heard kurt screaming for help. the customer. >> yeah, they were able to knock on the door and they were listening, i guess and heard him yelling for help inside. >> and, guys, so how regular a customer was he? i mean, how many -- what made you know that something wasn't quite right? jenny? >> he places an order almost every evening, every other evening around about midnight,
7:50 am
11:00 at night so we knew after saturday -- saturday was getting later. no order was coming in that there was something up. >> you both visited him in the hospital. they're not giving details exactly what happened to him. but how is he doing when you were able to see him? >> he's doing a lot better but the first day we saw him he was a little out of it just yes and no questions and then i went back on monday and he was doing a lot better. he says that he felt better. >> oh, good. >> and we saw him yesterday and he had been moved to the rehabilitation center of the hospital and saying more. he's still really tired but he seems to be doing a lot better and making a recovery. >> great, great. we're glad that he's doing better and glad that you were there for him and since you guys are superheroes we'll send you to the "captain america: civil war" and give you and your friends tickets to go there and see it because we think you are superheroes and the surprise from domino's. domino's is going to send you guys and tracy to vegas for the worldwide rally.
7:51 am
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now from a with bc 37 news. good morning i am natasha zouves with the abc morning news. a quick check of the forecast with mick nicco. i everybody. can you tell who has the sunshine. oen the way to the 60s for the coast, and tomorrow is warmer in the accuweather forecast. five degrees cooler on the weekend. the bridge and westbound there was a crash and cleared and traffic is backed up. also there's a serious motorcycle crash westbound 80 and traffic is backed up, so look out for that as well. an earlier accident cleared as well with. >> thank you. robin roberts emotional cause on what he hopes that all americans get behind.
7:57 am
we will have another news up in 30 minutes. join us weekdays 4:30 until 7:00.
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8:00 am
. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. bernie sanders sweeps west virginia. >> thank you all very much. >> a hard hit for hillary clinton. the latest on the race for the white house. hollywood star minnie driver versus her next-door neighbor. she's accused of throwing jars of paint at his home. he's slamming her with a lawsuit. who's really on the right side of the law? baby bumps and booze. new guidelines saying bartenders cannot refuse to serve pregnant women. so many people up in arms. is this ending discrimination or going too far? the experts and our viewers weigh in live. ♪ the time of my life get ready for summer. time for the "gma" concerts to take over central park, and look who's helping us. >> central park, it's mr. worldwide. you ready for me?
8:01 am
>> we're revealing the blockbuster lineup of artists you'll see right here. >> i can't, i won't, i never will get enough of "gma." >> starting right now as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ ooh i want the time of my life ♪ we couldn't be more excited for our summer concert series to kick off next friday and you just saw our first reveal. pitbull will be pumping up our party in the park getting the party back for a blockbuster concert and reveal the full lineup later this hour and we have a special guest that's going to join us live too. >> get your calendars out and, robin, you have more of your exclusive interview with vice president biden. >> he's really hoping to change the fight against cancer and it's all because of his beloved son beau. what they went through as a family. the moonshot initiative is opening up about his personal mission and his son beau and we'll talk about that coming up and he really feels -- i mean, i'm telling you, guys, he's
8:02 am
going to get it done. >> he's got the backing of the president too. >> power of positive thinking. >> we got to. we have to. we have to. and you have a woman that maybe will help us do our spring cleaning? >> yeah, hoping to inspire us, if you will, get ready to meet the most organized woman in america besides robin. 60 million views on youtube. she is conquering clutter one drawer at a time and she'll reveal her secrets to a happier, healthier home and also give you big savings. >> now, what looks organized over here? >> you always seem so together. i mean, look at my side of the situation. >> that's true. >> it has been spreading a lot today. >> there's a lot of sprawl, urban sprawl on the desk, yeah. amy, you're there? you're good? >> i'm over here. >> plenty of time. >> thank you, guys. well, the big story this morning, the search now for a motive in a stabbing spree that ended at a shopping mall south of boston. police say the 28-year-old attacker killed an elderly woman and wounded her daughter then
8:03 am
drove to the mall, crashed into macy's and then fatally stabbed a worker before being gunned down eventually by an off-duty sheriff's deputy. "the boston herald" reporting the man's family says he had been battling depression. well, bernie sanders has picked up another win over hillary clinton. sanders winning the west virginia primary by 15 points. a state clinton easily won back in 2008. even though though she came away with nearly as many delegates as sanders last night, some analysts saying clinton's loss could signal trouble for her in similar industrial states in november's general election. in the meantime, clinton has been stepping up her attacks on donald trump's economic policies. trump soared to victory in west virginia and nebraska. he narrowed his list of running meats to five or six people. he meets with paul ryan who said the party needs to be unified with a positive message to defeat hillary clinton.
8:04 am
two u.s. senators have come up with an idea to reduce those long security lines at the airport. they're urging airlines to let passengers travel with their bags for free this summer saying it would save time and cut down on the long wait lines during what could be the busiest summer travel season ever. no response yet from the airlines. we turn now to a bitter feud between actress minnie driver and her neighbor battling over property lines for months. one of their confrontations even caught on camera, and now they're heading to court. abc's linzie janis has more. >> reporter: this morning, a property battle between oscar nominated actress minnie driver and her 74-year-old neighbor is turning ugly. daniel perelmutter filing a lawsuit against driver alleging the movie star is harassing him and blocking access to his house. >> we lived in peace in the neighborhood forever until she moved in about a year and a half ago, and since then it's been hell. >> reporter: the disabled vet even claiming in his suit that driver caused these paint splatters by throwing baby food
8:05 am
jars filled with black paint against the walls of the home. this just days after the police were called to intervene in an argument between the two outside their hollywood hills homes. >> she started screaming and yelling. it's a hatred. it's not -- it's not a dislike. it's a hatred from the gut. >> all your smoke is coming right into my yard. >> reporter: but the "about a boy" star claims perlmutter has been aggressive toward her family. last year she got a restraining order after alleging perlmutter made her and her children fearful of leaving or entering their home. the two are set to go to trial in august. driver's lawyer telling us, the evidence that will be presented will speak for itself. for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> all right, linzie, thanks for that. and finally a teenager may have discovered a lost city built by the ancient mayans. 15-year-old william gorderry
8:06 am
from canada analyzed images on google earth looking for disruptions in the jungle, cross-referenced that with mayan astrology he's been studying and he found evidence of what could be platforms of mayan pyramids dating back 4,600 years. experts are now conducting a ground search to test his theory, but they say it looks very promising because there are square images that would represent possibly some of these ruins. he's already named the city like forget whether they find it or not. he's got his name. >> what is it? >> mouth of fire. >> mouth of fire. >> what grade is he in? >> he's 15 years old so must be a freshman or sophomore in high school but a really smart one. >> thanks, amy. let's go to lara with the "morning menu." here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu" this morning. a big debate brewing over drinking while pregnant. should bartenders be allowed to turn away expectant moms? we've got a roundtable of experts who are all weighing in live. and we have more of robin's exclusive with vice president joe biden opening up about his mission to cure cancer, his
8:07 am
son beau and the new hope this morning. all that and "once upon a time" star lana parrilla is with us. she has a bombshell twist to talk about. the big finale coming up. i'm tongue-tied. so much to discuss with our friend lana on "good morning america." >> hi. >> good morning. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] you show up. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here. the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe.
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8:12 am
about pregnant women and drinking. it's getting a lot of reaction this morning. new york city now telling bars and restaurants that refusing alcohol to expectant mothers would be discrimination. abc's juju chang has the story. >> reporter: baby bumps and booze? mixing the two together, taboo, and doctors recommend that women steer clear of alcohol for the entire nine months of pregnancy, but now new york city's human rights commission weighing in. new guidelines unveiled last week say that bars can't refuse to serve pregnant women alcohol. >> pregnant women should be allowed to enter any place of public accommodation in new york city that a nonpregnant person would also be able to enter. >> reporter: this all part of a larger effort to enhance and protect the rights of pregnant women, particularly in the workplace. >> the law that is -- that this guidance is based on was really focused on making sure that women who are pregnant or
8:13 am
pregnant people are able to stay in the workplace and not be forced out on unpaid leave, not be forced to lose out on economic job opportunities, et cetera. >> reporter: cases that prompted the new guidelines include a pregnant women being denied access to a bar that her two nonpregnant friends were allowed to enter. bouncers allegedly keeping her out because of her bump and another where a pregnant woman was denied access to a concert venue because of her pregnancy but many people up in arms about the new guidelines speaking out on message boards. "if a woman has to drink while she's pregnant, she's not fit to be a parent," wrote one critic. "nyc has become a joke," wrote another. the cdc warns against drinking while pregnant noting in guidelines earlier this year that no amount of alcohol during pregnancy, no matter how small, is adviseable. and some 18 states consider the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy the equivalent of child abuse. for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to juju and joining us now abc's chief
8:14 am
women's health correspondent dr. jennifer ashton, our senior legal correspondent sunny hostin and parenting expert and editor of, ericka souter. definitely a hot topic? we're going to get into it. >> jen, what's your take as a doctor about women drinking during pregnancy? >> so you have to ask four major questions and you have to ask them with respect to the mother and the fetus because there are two patients involved. what is the risk to drinking during pregnancy? what is the risk to not drinking during pregnancy? what are the benefits to drinking during pregnancy, and what are the benefits to not drinking? when you talk about the fetus, it is crystal clear there are no benefits to the fetus if the mother drinks during pregnancy, and there is no risk if the mother doesn't drink to the fetus in pregnancy, so you have to ask yourself, it's 40 weeks, it's not forever. we know that alcohol is dangerous to a developing fetus. we don't know how much. a recent study out of denmark showed moderate to low consumption doesn't seem to have any effects at five years of age, but we have to ask
8:15 am
ourselves as women, how much risk are we comfortable taking with the future health of our baby? >> when you put it that way, it makes a lot of sense. now, sunny, these guidelines say refusing to serve a pregnant woman is discrimination. what's the legal argument here? >> well, the legal argument is that women have dominion and control over our bodies. we have control over the choices that we make when we are pregnant. what to consume, what to drink, what to eat, and women can't be treated differently in housing, at work, in public places like restaurants and bars just because they're pregnant. so to be clear, this law has been around for a long time. it was revised in 1991. but the bottom line is these new guidelines, which were issued on friday, give specific examples to bars, to restaurants, to owners of establishments, to employers of what constitutes discrimination and i think everyone is up in arms because one of the examples is you got to be able to give a pregnant woman alcohol. we'll swap that out for a second
8:16 am
and let's say it's sushi instead or soft cheese which women are not also supposed to consume while pregnant. would we be as outraged and refuse a woman to get sushi at a restaurant. probably not. >> a report says 10% of women drink alcohol. i think that's a low number. what are people talking about online? does that number go with what you're hearing? >> that's a low number. probably 10% that admit to doing it. people still feel there's a huge stigma associated with it but most moms i talk to -- actually a lot of moms i speak to say they will have a drink with dinner. they'll have a glass of wine with dinner and they don't think it's any big deal and think all of this pressure to not drink is just unfounded. but that said, you know, you are your body. you're not just passive for those nine plus months, you're developing brains, lungs, hearts, eyelids so you don't want to do anything that may inhibit that process or hurt that process, but it's a
8:17 am
personal choice and have to ask is it worth it. >> jen, one quick thing. my ob/gyn telling me if you need to relax, have a glass of wine, it's okay. what do you tell your patients? >> it's about striking the balance between idealistic and being realistic in the real world, a half a glass, a couple of sips in your third trimester once in a while is not going to hurt the fetus but three to five drinks a week for your entire pregnancy, no bueno. >> hope no one does that. >> we'll end on agreement on that. jen will take your questions and you can tweet her @drjashton. or "gma's" facebook page. thank you ladies for joining us. we could have talked all day. >> yeah. >> fascinating discussion. thank you, guys. now, robin, more of your exclusive interview with the vice president. >> he was very open, and he is very determined to honor his son. he was here yesterday to talk about the white house cancer moonshot task force and how he's honoring beau's life and legacy. we both were in rome at the
8:18 am
vatican for that conference and the doctors and researchers, they kept talking about the red tape, like especially when it comes to fda approval that they feel like they're really on the cusp of some things, but how do they get through that? >> well, they are. one of the things the president did when he asked me to head this up, he gave me authority over all the federal agencies that have anything to do at all with cancer, and what i promised i would do, i've gone around the country and i've met now with over 200 and almost 300 oncologists and i'm asking them what is it you want me to clear the way for? where are we an impediment? where is the federal government not being accommodating what you need? so i've committed and i promised before we leave we will mow down any of the impediments that exist bureaucratically in the federal government to slow up the process. >> so cooperation is one key. money. >> money. >> money is a key.
8:19 am
>> i know that you've asked for a billion dollars. >> and we will get a billion dollars because this is the -- i've been doing this a long time. this is a truly bipartisan issue. so the leaders in this effort in the house and senate are republicans, as well as democrats. >> lastly, and i don't like when people say, somebody lost their battle to cancer. didn't lose. i just want to say to you that your son's journey was no less valiant, nor any less meaningful though the outcome wasn't what many had prayed for. >> as a matter of fact, i think it was the measure of the man. he died like he lived, with great courage, and, you know, his concern was, dad, promise me, promise me you'll be okay. promise you'll be okay. with beau it was always about taking care of other people. that's why he volunteered to go to iraq. he won the bronze star.
8:20 am
he was highly decorated, i mean, and when he came back, for example, he wouldn't put on any of his medals. his commanding general made him put them on but he was, dad, don't tell anybody. don't tell anybody i won that so i guess my point is that i think the measure of a woman or a man is in part that they die with as much courage and valor as they lived, and he did. he was simply the -- he's the finest man i ever knew, and so he would be doing this. he would be doing this. he'd be devoting his time, and he'd look at you and say he loved you. no, because you're a measure of the same thing. for you to go through what you went through in public, the whole world watching, but you gave hope to so many people. >> bless you, sir. >> no, i'm telling you. you know it. >> in all sincerity, sir, thank you so much for taking on this mission. it's in great hands. >> we're going to get this done.
8:21 am
not me, we. we're going to get this done. we are going to fundamentally change the face of cancer. it's going to become a chronic disease. we're going to cure a hell of a lot of it that's not chronic. >> wow. >> yeah, gave hope to a lot of peep. >> you helped me and joe biden is helping so many and together when we tell our story, it's powerful. >> and spending -- i wish we could have -- excuse me, played the entire interview. everybody that was in the studio and listening to him, he is determined to -- he's not going to walk away until there is real change and also is on doctors and researchers, got to share this information with one another. so there's many silos, as he referred to, but he is determined as many of us are to put an end to this. >> you can feel that commit commitment >> he seems like it's his new life mission. it was beautiful, robin. >> all right. let's get outside thousand to
8:22 am
rob. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right, guys, we got people from winston, georgia, from north beach, pennsylvania, from boston. you're from texas but you're wearing a yankee hat and you're next to a guy from boston. are you going to a sox game at some point? >> tomorrow night. >> very diplomatic of you. great to see you here. we want to show you what's happening north of tennessee, hartsville closing the schools there. you see the flooded roads. rescues are ongoing so we're watching that situation and, of course, the severe weather threat across the plains today. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. marine laser 2,000' deep but it goes away quicker today so more warmth, and, the warming trend peeks tomorrow and 5-then degrees cooler bit weekend. mid-to-upper 70s around the bay and 80s inland. now tonight, it will cool fightly at low-to-mid 50s. my seven-day forecast is 90s are possible inland
8:23 am
this handsome crew out here. we want to go inside for "pop news" with lara. see you in a sec. >> thanks, rob, and "pop news," everybody. we begin with some hollywood news. blockbuster news, if you will. academy award winning actors tommy lee jones and morgan freeman are teaming up for a new movie called "villa capri" and believe it or not -- i was surprised -- this is the first time these hollywood veterans have ever worked together. >> no, really? >> hard to believe even though they have appeared in almost 200 films combined. this new film is an action comedy about an ex-fbi agent and an ex-mob lawyer. you can figure out which one is which. use your imaginations. they're in the witness protection program, and they need to put aside their differences in order to escape a lot of people who want them both dead. according to "the hollywood reporter," the film could start shooting early this summer in new mexico. love the pairing. >> yeah. >> they're just legends. also remember your eighth grade science project? i know what i did. you guys might have done the baking soda volcano.
8:24 am
>> oh, yeah, right. >> i did the old lightbulb powered by potatoes. this 14-year-old kid, taylor rosenthal, his project was a little different. it might make him a multimillionaire. the alabama student developed recmed. a first aid vending machine he was inspired to make it after years of playing baseball and not being able to find a band-aid when someone needed it. the idea won him $100,000 in the young entrepreneur competition and then a $30 million offer from a major corporation to buy the idea. >> oh, my god. >> taylor, though, holding out. the first prototype has been made. the straight "a" student says he sees recmed in any high traffic area where kids can get hurt. and so far he's right, six flags has ordered 100 machines for its parks. >> wait. he passed up $30 million? >> yes, he did. >> he's holding out. >> hedging his bet. >> what! >> i love this kid. he's 14 years old and says he's going to notre dame. oh, okay. >> okay.
8:25 am
>> invent something else. >> george, a little piece of it was from for you. and then we're -- congratulations on that. and finally if you ever needed a reason to toast good health, this is it. mexican researchers, i see that, robin, mexican researchers have found that tequila could prevent osteoporosis. a study published in "science daily" found that the blue variety of agave to make tequila contains special fructans that help absorb calcium and magnesium, both of which are essential to good bone health or could be just that your back looks straighter when you're lying flat after passing out. the lead researcher of the study says she hopes to use this knowledge to develop a treatment for osteoporosis. of course, skeptics say take the study with a grain of salt and a slice of lime. >> oh. >> oh! >> and that's all. >> no samples this morning? >> no, no samples.
8:26 am
>> just a shoulder shimmy. just a shoulder shimmy. >> i've never been standing taller. >> you're going to learn who's doing our summer concerts when we come back. stay with us. ♪
8:27 am
good morning. i am reggie aqui and we're following breaking news where there's a shooting involving police. as you can see there's a heavy police presence. we don't know what triggered the slo shooting. for more on this story and other breaking news follow us on twitter abc news bay area. we're going to turn to the morni morning commute with francis. good morning. good morning. westbou westbound 80 is slow and then the toll plaza is 49 minutes. it's a very slow ride at 30
8:28 am
minutes and we will get you an
8:29 am
a. good morning. if you're heading out you want to grab the sun glasses and watch out for the pollen today and modern amount of trees and wheat and mold. here is the accuweather seven day forecast. warm today and tomorrow and much cooler this weekend. another local update in 30 minutes and also on the news app
8:30 am
and we hope that you joi ♪ welcome to my house >> nice spring crowd out here this morning. everyone is so excited because we're about to reveal our summer concert series lineup coming up in just a minute. but first we are celebrating the wnba turning 20. 20 years, take a look at espn the package's new cover featuring current and former players from tina thompson to stew which. the new issue hits newsstands on friday. >> love it. >> 20 years ago, i remember i was a part with geno auriemma, broadcasters for the first year and have the orange ball and said orange and white on monday night. something that -- sflur's like an ad genius. >> and geno and i may do a game this year in honor of the 20th anniversary.
8:31 am
may do a game this year. putting the pressure on. okay, geno, are you ready. >> go for it and come celebrate with us. it is time for our big concert summer series revealed kicking off next friday, in central park. you guys excited? we told you pitbull will be one of our performers. but who else is getting our party in the park started? take a look. >> what's up, america. summer is finally here. at "gma" that means it's time for a party from the park. so let's get this party started. next friday with the one, the only -- >> good morning, america. >> -- ariana grande. live from central park. then next up, well, say hello to friday and a party only flo could throw. oh, yeah, just get a load of this epic lineup. pitbull, jason derulo, iggy azalea, keith urban, sia, jason all dean, blink 181, the great
8:32 am
demi lovato is firing things up. >> good morning, america. >> plus surprise announcement so hot we can't even tell you here -- yet. >> three, two -- >> hello, friday. >> all summer long. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> and we just want to say -- >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> fridays this summer -- >> are you ready. all right. here we go. >> are going to be sweet. >> it's "gma's" summer concert series presented by king's hawaiian. ♪ a long time >> there they are. the big names joining us this summer in central park. can't wait for that. jason derulo concert and right now jason is live with us joining us on skype from l.a. hi, jason. >> hey there, good morning. >> thanks for getting up early for us. we always love having you. excited to be back? >> i'm excited.
8:33 am
no problem waking up early. it's so early i had to stay up rather than get up, you know what i'm saying. >> i like your style, jason. you know, i was counting. this is your fourth time. this will be your fourth time. how will you make it different for us? >> you know what, it's all about that interest, right. you know, coming on the stage you got to make sure that you come in with a bang. you know what i'm saying. i came in on, you know, on an air glider, skydiving. i then, you know, did a jet ski. you know what i'm saying so i was thinking about what my interest is going to be this time so the entrance has to be spectacular so i was throwing out some ideas. >> all right, so you're definitely already working on the big entrance then, of course, we'll be so excited. my daughter is so over the moon, so am i to all your new songs. i know you've got a new single out for "if it ain't love" and released the video on a music app, brand-new thing for me. kids love it. we now know about it as old people. why did you choose to go that
8:34 am
route? >> musically is the new new, the fastest growing app so i love the app personally and am a fan of it and it's such a new and cool way for people to get in tune with the songs that they love to do. lip-syncing. >> yeah. >> dancing to the songs, so it just seemed like it fit, you know. "if it ain't love" it's that summer jam that is very up tempo. so it kind of works with the app, you know what i'm saying. it works with lip-sync and the dancing. it just -- i thought it was like the perfect fit. >> i would absolutely agree with that and the video is hot, my friend. so -- >> i appreciate that. >> you're closing out our summer concert series. that's happening on -- write this down darn september 2nd. jason derulo. in the meanwhile what will you do this summer? how will you spend your days? >> i'm recording new music. i'm launching my new shoe line,
8:35 am
level 13. i'm working on my record label. i have a joint venture with warner brothers and a joint venture with sony rca so a lot going on but right now the focus is on the brand-new single so doing a lot to promote for "if it ain't love" which was on itunes right now. >> i was going to say that. >> you can say it. >> i will, don't worry. don't worry. is that your house? are we looking at your actual house behind you? >> yeah and that's -- see mr. lancelot right there. >> that's what i was going to ask you about. >> yeah, he protects the house. >> is that like a real -- is that real armor? >> yeah, that's a man. that's a real person. >> we got to go -- >> armor like that. >> i didn't know you loved old stuff like that. we got to do a piece. i love it. >> absolutely. >> jason, i can't wait to see you here on "good morning america." everybody, remember that is september 2nd. the new single, again, it's
8:36 am
called "if it ain't love." it is hot. check that out. it is available on itunes right now. jason, thanks for getting up early. >> oh, it's my pleasure and september is my birthday month too so make sure we turn up extra on my -- >> looking for the big entrance. maybe you should put on the lancelot costume. i'm just saying. i'm feeling it. >> whoo, either that or coming on a camel. let's keep brainstorming. >> take care, jason. thank you very much. again, the full concert calendar, go to on yahoo! it is finally out. right now let's get inside to robin. >> all right, lara now to our series "the skin you're in." this morning we have fast anti-aging fixes to give you flawless skin in a matter of minutes and have a live demo in a moment but first eva pilgrim has more. >> reporter: nathan lane in "the birdcage" may have said it best. >> you look tire means you look
8:37 am
ole and you look rested means you've had collagen. >> reporter: if you don't have the time or money for cosmetic surgery what is one to do. "allure" magazine giving us the lowdown on quick fixes you can do in five minutes. >> women have been obsessed over anti-aging for centuries. it's getting younger and younger the obsession and i think that's thanks to instagram and social media. >> everybody wants that perfect selfie. >> well, yeah. >> everybody wants to walk around like you have an instagram filter on your face. >> can we try that. >> yeah. >> first up eye masks to hide wrinkles caused by dryness and reduce undereye bags. >> i look like i could be a quarterback. it is going to take more than five minutes but it doesn't take any time to put them on. you can do something else while you're wearing them then you take them off and your eyes look infinitely better. >> reporter: after applying makeup three to four sprays of water and a dry sponge tap
8:38 am
across to prevent makeup from settling in the wrinkles. >> extra filter. >> is this the part where we bend over? >> yep. you heard correctly. another tip, put your head between your knees for a minute to mimic that after exercise glow. >> i think i might fall off the chair. >> you're done. >> oh. >> and lastly, there's nothing a good ponytail can't fix. first, pull your hair up leaving your face framing layers down. then flip the remaining stands to one side and pin them behind your ear without flattening the hair. >> by getting the hair up and kind of adding the volume it opens up your face and makes you look a little more awake. >> for "good morning america," eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> all right, eva and joining us again today is board certified dermatologist dr. witney beau and karen is in the middle of receiving another anti-aging fix
8:39 am
at home. a chemical peel, so, dr. bowe, tell us. this is all the rage online. how do they work. >> most are done in a series of steps so i'm applying the first step right now to karen's skin and what this is doing is it's activating the peel meaning this is just starting to dissolve away the uppermost layer of dead skin cells so after i apply it to the entire area i'm going to let this peel sit for ten minutes and then i'm going to neutralize it with the second step. now, karen, are you feeling anything yet? >> tingling. >> so it's tingling. means it's starting to work. let's take a look at some results you can expect to see after using a series of these peels at home. >> there's so many that are available. >> there are. really depends on what your goals are. looking to address things that are related to aging, brown spot, fine line, you want to look for mes with ingredients like glycolic acid and lactic acid.
8:40 am
if you're struggling with oily or acne prone skin look for salicylic acid. it's more effective to look for a peel that contains a blend of different acids that complement one another. >> karen, you look good. why do you want a peel? what is the thing you're hoping to get out of this? you look fantastic. if you don't want to do that, dr. bowe, there are some food swaps you suggest. >> absolutely. >> so, instead of sugar, you want to use cinnamon. so sugar ages the skin through a process called glycation and cinnamon increases circulation to the skin so improving that blood flow it's increasing delivery of oxygen, vital nutrients, just key for giving skin the healthy glow. >> cinnamon can so good. >> and approaching barbecue season. >> instead of ketchup -- >> i love sauerkraut. >> sauerkraut is loaded with healthy bacteria called probiotics shown to calm inflammation in the skin.
8:41 am
>> adding a hot dog or barbecue and wash it down, not beer, not beer, instead you want to go for the red wine. red wine contains resveratrol which is an antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes and actually neutralized -- i love you. you're like so awesome. it neutralizes free radicals which arise in the skin as a result of uv rays, pollution, et cetera. >> red, not white. >> you drink that wine and will et me check on -- >> please do. how is it feeling. >> so smooth. >> just starting to glow so definitely starting to work. >> and you're always glowing, dr. bowe. >> oh, yes. it's all the red wine. >> that is -- i had mine before i came on. >> let's get outside to rob. >> these ladies will take the red wine. a lot of folks from tornado country talking tornadoes. have you ever seen one? you said? >> you don't look when there's a tornado, you hide. >> i should take that advice. i ask that because yesterday was the 20th anniversary of "twister" look at the tornado
8:42 am
shot in colorado and the "twister" video from 1996 hollywood in real life. across the great lakes, be prepared for that. winter not quite over yet. >> i am meteorologist mike nicco with the highs from san francisco, at 67, to inland east bay at 86, and warmer tomorrow, with my seven-day forecast, but, 5-15 degrees cooler on friday through the this weather report is brought to you by legalzoom. >> karen, an update. how is it feeling now. >> it feels great and smooth and tingly and fresh. >> okay, all the things that it should be feeling. >> she's still cooking. we have a couple more minutes then we'll neutralize. >> i'm feeling it too. coming up, the most organized woman in america is revealing how you could cut down clutter. come on. that's next. oregon's willamette valley was once known as the land of milk and honey.
8:43 am
back when milk and honey were real popular. ♪ ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. thefor instance, looking ates things is an activity. ♪
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and we are back now with tips on cutting down clutter from the youtube star who's been called the most organized woman in america. now she is sharing her secrets to get your home in shape and save on costs.
8:46 am
rebecca jarvis has the details. >> she is hands down the most organized person i have ever met. take a look. she's conquering clutter one drawer at a time. >> this is the junk drawer. >> the most organized junk drawer in the history of junk drawers. alejandro costello is not just a neat freak. hg-tv called her one of the most organized people in the country. >> i hear that you have a tea drawer. >> i do. >> oh, my gosh. >> nothing is left out or heaven forbid just stashed in a cupboard at home in virginia. from the pantry -- >> i put all the produce like the onions, potatoes. >> to the home office. >> all my tax returns, personal on this side, business on this side. everything is labeled by year. >> i have a feeling the irs is never calling you. >> to the closet. >> everything is by category and then once it's in a category it's by color. >> she's even found a perfect spot for her dead batteries.
8:47 am
>> we have a battery recycling bin right here. >> and she says being uber organized doesn't have to cost much either. >> so these are all ice cream jars that were recycled. >> she uses vinegar bottles to hold glass cleaner and marbles for a home made lazy susan. >> were you like this as a kid? >> yes, i've always been so organized and loved to create order. you know, now i get to teach people how to do it. hi, everyone, i'm alejandra. >> reporter: her lifelong support of order is now a full time gig. along with her husband ed she's bringing her brand of home organization to the masses with over 663,000 subscribers and more than 60 million views on youtube, she says her method makes a difference in people's lives. >> we change the relationships and save marriages. it's amazing. >> you really believe this can do that? >> oh, absolutely. >> so organizing might be the secret to a good relationship? >> it might be.
8:48 am
>> it might be the secret. >> all this organization, is it an obsession? is it a little ocd? >> it's about finding things when you need them. there's no stress, there's no frustration when we put things away. there's no losing things. i don't think anyone would say i don't want my life to be this way at home. >> who doesn't want their life to be easier. this is one of my favorite diy tips. her home made lazy susan and all the ingredients to make it. you can do it without a lot of money, two baking dishes and can get these at the dollar store and a pack of marbles. dump the marbles in, well, first you put the second guy in, here you go, your ingredients. >> how easy is that, $3 later you're organized. >> well done. comi coming up "once upon a time"
8:49 am
♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
8:50 am
[we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ we are back now with "once upon a time" star lana parrilla. she plays re jean that, and evil
8:51 am
queen in the hit abc series. the big season finale is on sunday and we have an exclusive sneak peek so take a look. >> constantly at war with my instincts like with hook, my first impulse was to rip his throat out. because it's not fair that he survives and robin doesn't. but i didn't. because now i know that's wrong. >> wow, i'm going to sit a little further away from you. >> rip your throat out. >> goodness. that's her first impulse? >> wow. let's talk about the big moment everyone is talking about. robin sacrificing himself for you. the love of your life. >> i know. >> how does regina, how does she get past that. >> oh, gosh, well, we'll see. i don't think anyone demonstrated that much love for regina before. i think she's quite overwhelmed by all of this.
8:52 am
>> she's not lovable. what are you talking about after that clip. >> well, she is lovable. i love her. but that was like i mean a test of true love really. and i think she's devastated and we're going to see how she handles that loss in the finale. >> i know someone who really loves you. we have a super fan stacy coming in from los angeles getting up early live via skype to ask a question, lana. stacy, go ahead. >> hi. >> hi, lana. so great to talk to you and excited meeting you at the "once upon a time" convention in a couple of weeks in new jersey. >> awesome. >> my question is do you think that regina could ever allow herself to love again after losing both daniel and robin hood? >> that's a really good question. i think she's going to need some time. we'll see. i think right now she's heartbroken and probably not ready to love anyone aside from her family at this point. >> all right, so thank you very much. stacy. >> lana, can you give us any
8:53 am
insight into what may happen in the finale. >> yes, we have a two-hour finale this sunday. a lot is happening. emma and regina go on a journey, on a mission to try to find henry who's gone on this rogue mission with his girlfriend violet and, of course, gold is up to no good so trying to stop him then we have snow charming hook into storybrook and get sucked it a portal. >> we can't wait to watch what happens next. "once upon a time" season finale sunday night at 7:00, 6:00 central right here on ♪ ♪
8:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ what if there was a paint that made you look at paint differently
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"good morning america" is brought to you by the discover it card. the card that treats you like you treat you. >> learned a lot today what's in jason derulo's home. >> right over the hump. have a good day, everyone.
8:57 am
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good morning. we have a quick update on the shooting in san jose. a 26-year-old attacked his mom with a large ax. police shot him and now we understand that both of the people are in the hospital. we will continue to follow that and now we want to weather forecast from mike nicco. >> good morning. you can see some sunshine and 60s and the rest of us are deal being the clouds and the afternoon hours are in the cost and mid-60s there and mid-to upper 70s in the bay and then it's getting warmer tomorrow on the accuweather forecast. hi mike, the traffic is not backed up and then keep in mind in san francisco there's a giant one this afternoon and then some
9:00 am
lanes blocked and then the earlier accident is cleared but >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, author, actress, producer and host, chelsea handler. plus from the hit series, "once upon a time," lana parrilla. also don't forget to log on to to vote, play and be part of today's show. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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